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First Source Advantage Harassment, Scam, Complaints

First Source Advantage LLC, located in Amherst, New York, is a collection agency that collects debt payments on behalf of credit card providers. The company was established in 1995. It was formerly known as Account Solutions Group LLC, a subsidiary of Firstsource Solutions Ltd. If you want to know of the experiences of the debtors with the First Source Advantage LLC in addition to the contact details of the company, look over the topics below:

What are the experiences of debtors with the company?

Several customers have come forward and given their feedback on First Source Advantage on web forums. This is what they’ve said:

  • Harassing calls: First Source Advantage LLC had been making bothersome phone calls to a consumer. When the consumer quit answering the calls, the company called his relatives frequently and talked to them quite rudely. Even after frequent demands to end their calls, First Source Advantage LLC failed to keep from harassing the customer.
  • Making false statements: Several consumers have claimed that the company might not be legitimate. As per all those consumers, First Source Advantage LLC continues to be creating false claims to debtors without being able to validate the debts they owe.
  • Unauthorized withdrawal of funds: First Source Advantage has taken money from consumers’ checking accounts with no permission and without submitting a monthly billing statement.
  • Issues with payments: A consumer had a medical debt which had been sent into collections simply because one of his payments wasn’t recorded. First Source Advantage was the collection agency responsible for the debt. An agent from the company made plans for payment of the unrecorded bill. One of the customer representatives from First Source Advantage didn’t like the set up and began to threaten the consumer over phone. The consumer ultimately got in touch with his creditor who asked the collection agency to stop their pestering. The creditor additionally requested the consumer to make payments directly to him.
  • Including special fees without reason: Several consumers declare that First Source Advantage has been charging extra fees, over-limit fees, and other fees every month, despite the fact that they are already sending payments twice a month.

If you want to speak to First Source Advantage LLC, use the details given below.

First Source Advantage
205 Bryant Woods South
NY 14228 3609

Tel.: 716-564-4400
Fax: 716-564-4440

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