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Leading Edge Recovery Solutions Harassment, Scam, Complaints

Leading Edge Recovery Solutions is a national debt collection agency devoted to four niche markets: banking (credit cards, student loans), retail, auto and telecommunications. Leading Edge Recovery Solutions conducts both first-party and third-party collections. Leading Edge Recovery Services started in 2003 and has offices in Chicago, New York, Arizona, and Colorado. The company currently employs around 800 people. Inspite of being a fairly new debt collection agency, Leading Edge Recovery Solutions has managed to build quite a unfavorable perception to consumers. They have already been prosecuted over 40 times in the past year for purportedly violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Based on complaints posted online, Leading Edge Recovery Solutions has been known to threaten consumers and neglect to give written documents as affirmation of debts. Consumers also claim that Leading Edge attempts to collect debts that don’t exist, harass family, and call consumers at work.

Stop Leading Edge Recovery Solutions Harassment

If a debt collection agency – whether Leading Edge Recovery Solutions or another debt collection agency – threatens to post your name or address on a bad debt list or has already revealed your name, it’s critical to contact a fair debt attorney immediately.

If your name or address has been published online, or in print, in association with a debt that’s in collection, it is embarrassing and humiliating. Although it doesn’t happen often, debt collection agencies sometimes threaten to make use of these kinds of tactics. Doing so is an outright breach of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The FDCPA is intended to keep consumers from enduring humiliation at the hands of a debt collection agency.

Any time a debt collection agency violates the FDCPA, you are eligible to prosecute in federal court,collect actual damages, up to $1,000, and attorney’s fees. It’s crucial that consumers hold debt collection agencies responsible for their actions. Unfortunately, filing suit and affecting them in the pocketbook often appears to be to be the only approach to get their attention.

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