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Portfolio Recovery Harassment, Scam, Complaints

Portfolio Recovery Associates is a large company. They launched in 1996 and took the company public (NASDAQ: PRAA) in November 2002. In the fourth quarter of 2009, Portfolio Recovery Associates raked in $95.3 million in collections. Their collections target three areas. First, they purchase bad debt that companies have charged off and debt that has been too difficult to recover because of bankruptcy, and hound consumers into repaying money that may or may not be owed. Portfolio Recovery Associates boasts that, in 2009, they collected $16.5 million in debts they’d owned more than five years. Second, they can be the bloodhounds that work for auto loan companies. Third, they run debt collection for local governments.

Stop Portfolio Recovery Associates Calls

In case you are ready to stop Portfolio Recovery Associates’ telephone calls, one thing you need to do is answer the phone. Though it’s tempting to avoid debt collector calls and delinquent notices from places like Portfolio Recovery Associates, doing so will only postpone the inevitable and can make your situation more annoying over time.

That does not imply you need to roll over and throw yourself on the mercy of Portfolio Recovery Associates, though. Certainly, being aware what you’re up against is the starting point in taking back your power and regaining control over your financial life. Remember, even though it’s difficult, you want to set feelings aside and keep a level head.

Because Portfolio Recovery Associates buys up bad debt, there’s a decent chance that the statute of limitations has transpired, and that they’re not lawfully allowed to collect on the debt. That is why it is best to insist upon records of the debt they say that you owe. As soon as you receive the documentation, you needa to send Portfolio Recovery Associates a letter within 30 days, stating that you may not owe the debt. It’s up to them to send you proof that you owe the money. Fo the time being, Portfolio Recovery Associates isn’t allowed to harass you. At that point, it is best to refuse to answer their calls.

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