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Debt Collection Defense Lawyers

When debt collectors harass you, they have broken the law!

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, FDCPA, is a law that protects individuals from overzealous debt collectors and dishonest collection agencies practices.

Some common illegal strategies by debt collectors are:

  • Calls to you at work
  • Calls to you at home at late hours.
  • Threats to notify your employer or other parties that you owe the debt.
  • Threats to sue you.
  • Threats or harassing language
  • Contact or calls with neighbors or family

Although you may owe them money, they can’t break the law when making an attempt to collect the debt.

The law guards you, regardless of if you owe the debt. The law declares that whenever a debt collector crosses the line with you, they owe you money damages. Yes, they can owe you money damages.

Know your legal rights – call us today.

What could possibly be better than requiring an unscrupulous collector to pay you money damages? How about pushing them to pay your attorney fees, too.

That’s right. The same law that defends you from unlawful debt collection activity also makes the debt collector to pay your lawyer for his services as well.

We are professionals in the area of consumer law working with collection agencies who cross the line.

If we take on your case, and we prevail, we will collect money damages on your behalf, and charge the debt collector for our rates and fees. If we don’t prevail, we charge you absolutely nothing.

Furthermore, we can sometimes force the collection agency to completely eliminate the debt in question from your credit profile.

Our professional services are totally free to consumers who are being harassed by collectors and we get them to compensate you.

The FCRA lawyers and FDCPA attorneys here at Our Firm are dedicated to the protection of consumer’s legal rights in all areas of credit, collections, and reporting, providing the most recognized and experienced consumer rights lawyers and collection harassment attorneys possible to enable you to fight back against debt collectors who could be violating the law so that they can get your money.

We don’t charge the customer any fees.

The FDCPA dictates that the collection agency must pay your reasonable attorney fees if you win your lawsuit! We can even improve your court case fees! If your case is not profitable, you still will not have to pay us! You can fight back whenever collectors go over the line. No fees to you – the collection agency will have to compensate you if you win your suit and they must pay your attorney costs.

Even if you owe the debt or some portion of the debt but have fallen behind, that does not give anyone the right to threaten and embarrass you, and you have the ability to fight back in opposition to telephone harassment, and cease collection calls, collection agency harassment calls, debt collection calls to your work or to relatives, and other debt collector calls which might be in violation of FDCPA Laws.

Congress passed a law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) in 1977 to guard consumers from harassing debt collectors. The FDCPA says, in effect, that consumer debt collectors must stick to basic guidelines when dealing with customers.

The following types of conduct by a debt collector regarding a consumer over the telephone, in writing, or in person will most likely be a breach of the FDCPA:

  1. Disrespectful
  2. Undignified
  3. Unfair, or
  4. Untrue

If you feel that you have been handled in this manner, you may have a right to sue the debt collector and get money back from THEM for their own misconduct.

If a debt collector has left you a voicemail for you or discussed your matter with co-workers or other family members they may have violated the FDCPA rules on debt collection harassment and debt collector’s rights.

We are happy to review your circumstance and let you know if you have a case. There is zero cost to you.

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If you are successful in an FDCPA claim, you sue debt collector violators and possibly get up to $1,000.00 for the infraction plus any actual damages you may have endured. The best part is the collector will have to pay your attorney expenses.

We do not charge any fees to you; we just collect from the collector!!

If you believe that a debt collector has disregarded the law in an attempt to make contact with you, whether by mail or phone, the FCRA Lawyers and FDCPA lawyers here at Our Firm have an experienced team of consumer rights attorneys and collection harassment lawyers who are prepared to help you fight back against abuse and quite possibly win a claim against them.

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